190 Professional
Abdullah photo

Abdullah Alsaidi

Software Engineer

Data Scientist and backend developer working on delivering productionized Machine Learning and Data Based Solutions since 2018.

Damascus, Syria

Rama photo

Rama Mousali

Software Engineer

Software Engineer and web Full Stack Developer.

Istanbul, Turkey

Leen photo

Leen Kweider

Software Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Engineer with entrepreneurial spirit. Skilled in Machine learning, NLP, Data Science, Software development, and Agile Project Management

Damascus, Syria

Beshr photo

Beshr Abdulhadi

Photographer Blogger Digital Marketing

Blogger and photographer, interested in marketing, design, media, and content creation. You can read my thoughts on my blog

Istanbul, Turkey

Luai photo

Luai Al Hussein


Architect, working as a freelancer with a self-employed occupation in the field of Arch-Viz. Currently doing my masters at Özyeğin Uni. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Mahmoud photo

Mahmoud Elhosary

Art Director

Hi, I'm a Jr.Art Director at FULLSTOP. , with experience working for Mobily, STC, Saudi Airlines, Nissan,... searching for unique and creative solutions.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad photo

Mohammad Alatrash

IOS Developer

I'm a software engineer interested in programming, iOS/iPadOS/MacOS/WatchOS/tvOS development.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ahmad photo

Ahmad Shadeed

UX Designer

CSS Bugs Hunter • UX • Front End • Writing a book debuggingcss.com • Blogging on ishadeed.com, a11ymatters.com, and rtlstyling.com.

West Bank, Palestine

Raed photo

Raed Ali

Creative Director

A man with little creativity; forward-thinking in bring ideas to life, develop brands and craft the experiences.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Maged photo

Maged Morsy

Digital Product Designer

Product designer at Backbase based in Amsterdam, Netherland. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sana photo

Sana Çolak

Business development manager Product Manager Digital Marketing

Product Manager, with 4 years digital marketing background, originally Syrian, became Turkish, now in Dubai. Want to shape MENA's digital future!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thamood photo

Thamood Binmahfooz


Content creator with focus on technology, startups, entrepreneurship, gaming. A former programmer.my newsletter "Nashrat Al-Nashra" is a light knowledge boost.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Muhammed photo

Muhammed Mektebi

Quality Assurance Engineer Software Engineer

I've designed & implemented successful QA strategies and processes in large software projects in Telecom, Digital Transformation, Fintech, and IoT.

Istanbul, Turkey

Hadeel photo

Hadeel Sayed Ahmad

Branding Designer Speaker Writer

A passionate Creative Brand Strategist & Designer, an active supporter of the design community, speaker, pharmacist, mother.

Amman, Jordan

Mohammad photo

Mohammad Shaker


Founder of thealphazed.com and almeta.io Software Development Lead, DevOps, UI/UX.

London, United Kingdom

Muhammad photo

Muhammad Jabr

Art Director

11 years in generating concepts and orchestrating world-class design / production, for a large variety of commercial and non-profit brands and campaigns.

Damascus, Syria

Mhammad photo

Mhammad Al Abdullah

Research Engineer

OutSystems Developer | Cyber Security Consultant

The Hague, Netherlands

Kinda photo

Kinda Ghannoum

Branding Designer Graphic Designer

Graphic designer from Syria, Based in Belgium. Co-Founder of Syrian Design archive. Worked on developing identities, Passionate about typography, & Research.

Brussels, Belgium

Ebtihal photo

Ebtihal AlSaadi

Graphic Designer

Interested in graphic design, illustration, Writing content, marketing and photography. Two years experience in graphic design.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mahmoud photo

Mahmoud A. Rabo

Training Manager Content Strategist UX Writer

UX Writer & Content Designer, Experienced +8 years in marketing, helping startups to build teamwork & headhunting talented employees. Team leader.

Qinā, Egypt