196 Professional
Hussein photo

Hussein Al Alosie

Packaging Designer Branding Designer Graphic Designer

Brand identity designer My mission is to build a deep story, create impact, and solve problems

Erbil, Iraq

Mohamad photo

Mohamad Hejazi

Full-Stack Developer

Working with Code and Color to create something that will make you say "WOW". PHP, Zend/Laravel & WordPress with the Magic of CSS & JS FW's are my Playground.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Asmaa photo

Asmaa Sabiri

Teacher Translator

Arabic Tutor for non-speakers. Arabic-English Translator.

Casablanca, Morocco

Adel photo

Adel Ashour

Graphic Designer

A talented- detail oriented graphic designer with over 4 years of experience in professional graphic design functions

Cairo, Egypt

G. photo

G. Aljazzar

Product Manager Full-Stack Developer Software Engineer

Software architect

Düsseldorf, Germany

Muhammad photo

Muhammad Abdelhamed

Full-Stack Developer

A highly resourceful, innovative, and competent Software Engineer. Experienced in all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. ERP, eCommerce.

Doha, Qatar

Yasser photo

Yasser Alhumaikani

Founder Branding Designer

Branding professional & graphic designer. Already branded high-value Saudi brands including Lusin, Suhail, Monopoly, Wagyu, Wooden Coffee, Awfad Hotel, and more

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Labib photo

Labib Mansour

Web Developer

I am a final year Information Technology student at HELP University, AWS Student Ambassador and Google Developer Student Club Lead.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Khaled photo

Khaled ElAhmad

Content Strategist Digital Marketing Marketing Manager

I help people with Growth Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Personal Branding | Author of #Shusmo | Lecturer | TEDx Speaker

Amman, Jordan

amro photo

amro thabit

Packaging Designer Graphic Designer Illustrator

Award-Winning designer & artist. interested in several fields from graphic design & illustration to photography & animation.

cairo, Egypt

Ahmed photo

Ahmed Emad

Head of Design

CEO @ Design Beats - Design Advisor @Tyro - Senior Product Designer @ MaxAB, I'm building with great designers the first process-based design agency in the MENA

Cairo, Egypt

Bashar photo

Bashar Ghadanfar

Web Developer

Based in Istanbul. Proficient in graphic design, UX, and front-end. Creator of www.ramz.info

Aleppo, Syria

Belal photo

Belal Al Mazlom

Full-Stack Developer

Design-minded full stack developer with 10+ years of technical experience in developing web, mobile applications, and mentoring fresh developers.

Amman, Jordan

Abdelhadi photo

Abdelhadi Zaghloul

UI Designer

I’m Senior interface designer with 8 years of experience specialized at creating Mobile applications, Websites ...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hasan photo

Hasan Asfahani

Product Manager

A product guy who helps software products drive breakout growth ✌

Erbil, Iraq

Hisham photo

Hisham Sahrij

Founder Back-End Developer Machine Learning Engineer

Founder at suggestai.co Co-founder & CTO at intajy.com +10 years (Software engineering - AI engineer - Technical Team lead - Product management)

Istanbul, Turkey

Michel photo

Michel Matta

Graphic Designer Illustrator

Got a degree in graphic design. Senior Graphic designer/ illustrator for an activewear design agency

Hazmieh, Lebanon

Achraf photo

Achraf Rahal

UX Designer

I'm a Lebanese multidisciplinary designer with 10 years of experience focused on building products, and interactive experiences, currently located in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Moayad photo

Moayad AL Refai

Motion Designer

I am Graphic design / Motion Graphics Artist, I have diverse skills include interactive design, motion graphics, compositing, visual effects, and 3D.

Istanbul, Turkey

Abdelhadi photo

Abdelhadi Tulimat

Art Director

I’m Hadi Designer And Art Director living and working in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia