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Yahia photo

Yahia Refaiea

Front-End Developer

A creative developer who’s passionate about bringing crazy ideas to life. Interested in Design, NodeJS, and writing.

Damascus, Syria

Moayad photo

Moayad AL Refai

Motion Designer

I am Graphic design / Motion Graphics Artist, I have diverse skills include interactive design, motion graphics, compositing, visual effects, and 3D.

Istanbul, Turkey

Mohamad Yehea photo

Mohamad Yehea Aldandashi

Digital Marketing

Decision maker and Media designer in a Marketing Agency in Stuttgart, Germany. Over 12 years of experience in Digital design and a Highly multicultural person.

Stuttgart, Germany

Achraf photo

Achraf Rahal

UX Designer

I'm a Lebanese multidisciplinary designer with 10 years of experience focused on building products, and interactive experiences, currently located in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany

Ahmad photo

Ahmad Alhaj Ahmad

Construction Manager

Mechanical engineer with a good experince in Testing, and Commissioning for MEP system

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Youssef photo

Youssef Eleshy

Digital Product Designer

I am a multidisciplinary visual designer who is passionate about technology and product design.

Cairo, Egypt

Aya photo

Aya Alabrash

Front-End Developer

Passionate software engineer focusing on web development, Currently, I'm a Front-end engineer at Backbase.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Omar photo

Omar Dsooky

Digital Product Designer

I help brands and entrepreneurs by make the experience of using digital products intuitive and enjoyable

Al Fayyūm, Egypt

Omar photo

Omar Labbad

Motion Designer

I'm an 2d/3d Animator/Art Director, I have Bachelor degree in art ,and diploma in advanced studies in character animation from Animation Mentor

Doha, Qatar

Khaled photo

Khaled ElAhmad

Content Strategist Digital Marketing Marketing Manager

I help people with Growth Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Personal Branding | Author of #Shusmo | Lecturer | TEDx Speaker

Amman, Jordan

Labib photo

Labib Mansour

Web Developer

I am a final year Information Technology student at HELP University, AWS Student Ambassador and Google Developer Student Club Lead.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ahmed photo

Ahmed Nasr

UX Designer

UX Designer from Egypt based in Riyadh

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rama photo

Rama Mousali

Software Engineer

Software Engineer and web Full Stack Developer.

Istanbul, Turkey

Hussam photo

Hussam Abd

Web Designer

UX/UI Designer, Web Developer & Founder of msaaq.com

Istanbul, Turkey

Sakhr photo

Sakhr Alkhalidi

Art Director

Creative Art Director, Brands Developer & Content Creator. I passionate about making things look cool and functional.

Cairo, Egypt

Asmaa photo

Asmaa Sabiri

Teacher Translator

Arabic Tutor for non-speakers. Arabic-English Translator.

Casablanca, Morocco

Hasan photo

Hasan Asfahani

Product Manager

A product guy who helps software products drive breakout growth ✌

Erbil, Iraq

Mariam photo

Mariam Yusuf Elshebokshey

UX Designer

T-Shaped CX/UX strategist, speaker and mentor at Springboard & Coursera +10 years in the design industry Co-Founder & Learning Experience Director at nxt.u

Cairo, Egypt

Zahra photo


Blogger Content Writer SEO Specialist

I write SEO Arabic content, managing websites about (books, personal development, coaching). Social media content creator and public speaker. @zahra.amzil9

Agadir, Morocco

Riham photo

Riham Karam


I'm an Egyptian designer specialize in calligraphy and logo design

Giza, Egypt