Getting Featured

Getting Featured on the “Professionals” it will take procedure once you fill the needed information, we will review your portfolio and work, and if needed we will conduct a 15-minute call to assure everything.

Unfortunately, not all the users will get featured on the “Professionals”. We will release a version in the future for showing all the users.

P.S. If you’re not featured, everytime you update your profile it will start the procedure over again to recheck the changes and if our jury approve, your profile will be featured on “Professionals”.

Needed Information

  • Real name & surname.
  • A profile picture, if you are sensitive you can upload an illustration of yourself if not a personal logo will do the job.
  • Choosing your occupation/s.

Reviewing Your Portfolio

The most important thing to our reviewing is your social media links. Our jury will check your work through the social media links that includes your latest work. If things were unclear or misunderstood we might ask to have a 15-minute call to assure everything and understand your responsibilities towards a project or a task. Several juries will evaluate your work to keep our users away of partiality and give an equal final decision.

Join Our Jury Members

In the meantime our jury team is small and of course we’re gonna look into making the team bigger as we grow, you can apply to be added on the list so we can have you onboard when we’re going to expand the team.

Apply here